The Citrix User Group Community is a community of technology professionals. We strive to be the voice of Citrix technology users and managers. We are dedicated to helping our members and their businesses excel through education, knowledge sharing, networking and influence.

  • We pronounce it “C-U-G-C.”

Anyone who works with Citrix products or is interested in Citrix products may join.

No. Members can access all of our benefits for free with registration.

The growing benefits include access to a global network of users, an online community, local groups, exclusive content, discounts and more. For a complete list of member benefits, see Membership Benefits.

We encourage members to establish new and join existing local CUGC groups to share knowledge and network. These groups are led by local volunteers and encompass a city, state or region. They have the ability to collaborate online and hold in-person meetings.

Citrix provides valuable support and we work closely with Citrix to plan events and collaborate on technical education and insights. However, our volunteer members lead CUGC, our local groups, Women in Technology and more. Most importantly, members set the agenda.

All members agree to contribute to the CUGC mission, uphold our Code of Conduct and help to make CUGC a rewarding professional and personal experience for their fellow members.

CUGC Headquarters (HQ) is our support team. You may contact them with questions regarding your membership, sponsorship, meetings and anything else related to the group.

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  2. If you have any further email questions, please Contact Us.

CUGC switched website platforms in Spring of 2022 to provide members with a better online experience. As a part of that switch, members are required to reset their password when logging into the new platform for the first time. If you haven't logged into the site in a while, that's the likely culprit. If you're not receiving your password reset email, or if you no longer have access to the email address associated with your account, please Contact Us.

No. CUGC takes the privacy of its members very seriously. We will not give your contact information to Sponsors marketing programs without your permission. You can opt-in to receive sponsor communications on your profile. All members are opted out by default.



Yes. Partner and Citrix Ready Partner employees may join.

Yes and no. Channel partner employee members may lead a local group, provided they serve in a technical capacity. Ready Partner Employee members may not lead a local group, unless they are part of the Citrix CTP and CTA programs. Learn more about local group roles and responsibilities in our CUGC Local Group Leader Guidelines.

Yes. Partner members, in a technical position, are encouraged to take an active role in CUGC, including participating in local groups. Like all members, their input must be professional and technical, and not marketing.

No. Member contact information is only to be used for CUGC purposes.



A Sponsor is a company that provides financial support to CUGC. Sponsors benefit when they are visible, provide relevant technical content and network with our members.

You can read more about becoming a CUGC Sponsor and contact us directly.

To learn details of CUGC sponsorship opportunities contact us directly.

Member information is provided to a sponsor only when a member opts in to provide a Sponsor their contact information.

Yes. Our members are interested in content that is technical, educational, relevant to them and free of marketing pitches. We have developed these Presentation Guidelines to help and guide presenters.



We encourage members to establish new and join existing local CUGC groups. These groups encompass a city, state or region determined by the CUGC Steering Committee. They have the ability to collaborate online and hold meetings.

Please review the Group Leader Guidelines. If you are interested in serving as a leader after reviewing the guidelines—and we hope that you are!—submit an application to get started.

A complete list of CUGC local groups can be found here. If there is not a group in your area, contact us to inquire about getting one started. 

The Steering Committee selects local group leaders. If you are interested in becoming a local group leader, start by reviewing the CUGC Local Group Leader Guidelines.

Local meetings are an opportunity for in-person education and networking in your local community. Local leaders set the agenda, topics and activities. Group leaders select content consistent with our Presentation Guidelines.

All local group meetings will strive to provide food and often they have activities, from go kart racing to golf and a sporting event. However, availability will vary from group to group and from meeting to meeting.

Yes. CUGC is an in-person and online community with many ways to interact virtually. Learn and network through, webinars, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Local groups will focus on holding local, in-person events. However, a local group may hold online meetings and allow non-local members to join.

Yes. If you’re interested in presenting at a local meeting, contact the group leader. A complete list of CUGC local groups can be found here. We have developed these Presentation Guidelines to help you create your presentation.

Local groups strive to meet at least biannually and some meet quarterly. The local group leader sets the agenda, including how often the group meets.

Local group leaders will decide if their meetings are recorded.



A CUGC XL is a daylong meeting with hundreds of members, technical presentations, several sponsors and dedicated time for networking.

It will vary from year to year. The best information will appear on the CUGC XL events calendar on