Become a Local Group Leader



Local Leadership

Ask our leaders why they volunteer to run local groups, and you’ll hear a list of multiple reasons. Some say it’s about giving back, sharing experiences and helping fellow professionals in the same way someone once helped them.

Others thrive by being in the center of the action, where they learn from peers, build their network and hone their leadership skills. And still others point to the camaraderie of friends and colleagues. CUGC embraces each of these reasons and more.

We are fortunate to have hundreds of volunteer leaders running more than 80 groups around the world. If you’re interested in joining the team, please read this document and contact us.


When you become a CUGC local leader, you’re on the team. Your local team will work with HQ and Citrix, and you will be part of the global community with tens of thousands of members. Together, the community has more knowledge, greater resources and a stronger voice.

Our Leaders

End user/customer members may lead a local group. Citrix channel partner employee members may lead a local group, provided they work in a technical capacity. Channel partner employees who help to lead a local group must do so as individuals, not as representatives of their company. Each local leadership team must have at least one end user/customer and no more than one channel partner employee from the same company. Citrix Ready Partners can only lead a local group if they are a CTA or CTP and work in a technical position. They must do so as an individual, not as a representative of their company. Citrix employee members may not lead a local group.

Local Groups

Our local groups connect technology professionals in a city, state, country or other region. They are managed by volunteer leaders in collaboration with CUGC HQ. The groups aim to hold quarterly meetings, and each has a home on with a web page to stay connected between meetings.


HQ provides local leaders with meeting, web site, financial and organizational support. They help connect local leaders with Citrix, schedule meetings, secure venues and catering, enlist sponsors, and handle invoices and payments.


Citrix supports our local groups. The Citrix team in your region will help recruit members and organize meetings. They will share ideas for your agenda, help us find experts to present, and propose ideas on the best locations and times for successful meetings.


Our leaders abide by the Leader Pledge, Code of Conduct, Content Principles and other guidelines. They are responsive and participate in email discussions, calls and meetings. And we act collaboratively and respectfully. CUGC is educational, professional and fun.


We encourage collaboration to generate ideas, spread the word and share the work. It is best if teams of three to five people lead local groups, with strong end user participation. Those teams then work closely with HQ and Citrix to support their local group and the global membership.

Meetings Overview

A local leader’s biggest task is organizing meetings. CUGC encourages local groups to hold quarterly meetings. The time, length and format of meetings varies quarter to quarter and group to group. HQ works very closely with leaders to plan their meetings.

Group Budgets

Local groups operate on individual budgets that are allocated and managed by HQ. Our goal is to minimize the accounting and paperwork, help groups to secure sponsors, and give leaders time to focus on their membership and meetings. HQ will brief prospective leaders on meetings and budgets.


Local groups need resources to cover the cost of meetings, growth and other activities. To achieve that, leaders and HQ work together to arrange meeting sponsorships. HQ will brief prospective leaders on sponsorships. & Social Media

The platform is the online home of CUGC and includes tools for our local groups, including, calendars, invitations, event registration and more. Local groups communicate through and use Twitter, LinkedIn and other tools only to support their work. HQ will brief prospective leaders on the platform and social media.

International Groups

There are differences in how we partner with CUGC groups outside of the United States. HQ will work with leaders to find solutions that work for a group’s location and situation.

Roles and Responsibilities - Summary

Group Requirements

CUGC requires that leaders and groups strive to:

    • Carry forward the CUGC mission
    • Coordinate the activities of the local group
    • Serve as the primary point of contact for the local group
    • Maintain open and regular communications with HQ staff
    • Communicate and collaborate with Citrix, CUGC leadership and HQ staff
    • Raise awareness of the group and recruit new members
    • Form a local team to help manage the group, including end users
    • Encourage member participation in the group’s activities
    • Maintain active membership of at least 20 users
    • Maintain a group community on
    • Hold a minimum of biannual meetings, with a goal of quarterly meetings
    • Plan meetings through HQ and
    • Maintain a balanced local group budget
    • Communicate on and appropriate social media, and not on competing platforms