2022 Content Contributors of the Year

Blogs, webinars and more. It's great content that makes myCUGC.org the go-to place for Citrix professionals around the world. Here are our most prolific contributors and your CUGCY content winners for 2022:


Top Blogger

Ray Davis, CTA

Jacksonville CUGC leader & CTA Ray Davis continued to share his helpful insights based on real-world experiences throughout the year, to an enthusiastic readership. Thank you AGAIN, Ray, for exemplifying the knowledge sharing that CUGC is built around! 

Ray Davis, CTA


Top User Share Webinar: "State of the EUC Union - 2022 Edition"

Marius Sandbu

Our User Share webinars are an engaging way for members across the globe to learn and connect. CTP alumnus Marius Sandbu's State of the EUC Union webinars are consistent favorites among CUGC members. His 2022 edition pulled in the biggest crowd and grabbed a lion's share of replays. Thanks Marius for always keeping us updated and looking ahead!

Marius Sandbu



Top Webinar Moderator

Bart Jacobs

Our webinar moderators graciously volunteer their time to help keep our Connect webinars running smoothly. They keep track of the questions coming in from attendees and help keep discussions technical. This year, CTP Bart Jacobs held the record for moderating the most webinars. Thank you Bart!

Bart Jacobs, CTP