2022 Tweets of the Year

2022 saw the return of in-person events for many groups, but we still held a healthy share of virtual events. Here are some of our favorite tweets from the year.


Best Extreme Sports in an XL

Jeff Kater

Our 2022 Virtual XL featured an opening keynote from Jack Harington of Red Bull Racing, and our members were quite wowed by his discussion of Citrix, but more so his very cool job!



Best "Back in Full Swing" Local Meeting Tweet

Steve Elgan

Many of our groups returned to in-person meetings in 2022 and were excited to do so! Omaha leader Steve Elgan grabbed this pic of his first 2022 back-in-person meeting. While it looked like many of our pre-pandemic meeting photos, the image had extra-special meaning in 2022.




Best CUGC Koozie Tweet

Greg Tiber

We were thrilled to be back at our in-person XL events last year, and leader Greg Tiber captured the moment at the Kansas City Royals game on the eve of the XL in Kansas City.


Best Swagger at an XL

Kenryu Chris Bryson

We love it when our members show their CUGC swagger, and Kenryu Chris Bryson brought his to the XL in Kansas City!



Coolest Local Meeting Venue

Bobbie Jones

The Phoenix CUGC group picked a great spot for their June 2022 meeting, at the Volcano Oasis. We love it when our groups find new, unique places to balance some fun with the networking and learning.



Furthest Traveled for an XL (Australia to NYC!)

Craig Stones

Australia leader Craig Stones won the award for traveling the longest distance for an XL, and he had an epic stadium setting to enjoy as a reward.