CUGC Women in Technology


The CUGC Women in Technology (WiT) program was developed to support women working with Citrix technologies on both professional and technical levels. Through 1:1 individual sessions with experienced mentors, mentees can identify specific goals to help them advance their careers.

The program evolved after a 2016 survey conducted by Pluralsight and Women Who Code highlighted the need for more female role models and mentoring programs in the technology field, ranking them highest among the top missing elements that hold women back in their careers.

Why is supporting Women In Tech in the IT workplace so important? Read this blog by founding member & CTP Jo Harder to find out!


Who should apply?

Any woman working with Citrix technologies looking enhance technical knowledge and professional confidence.


What is the time commitment?

The program runs October through May, and we accept applications starting September 1st of each year.


How does it work?

Accepted mentees are paired with a lead mentor to assess their goals and develop a strategy to achieve them.

Mentees and mentors are encouraged to meet regularly, at least once per month.

Mentees also have access to other mentors in the program for more specialized mentoring sessions.

Each month, we host a virtual check-in to make sure all is going smoothly.



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