Webinar: Secure your Citrix Environment with Strong, Adaptive MFA from Entrust

Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 6:00 – 7:00 PM UTC

Join Rohan Ramesh, Entrust Dir. of Product Marketing and Daniel Vaz, Senior Manager - Product Development at Citrix, for a look at how adaptive multi-factor authentication can provide secure access for your users.

About this event

Given the shift to a hybrid workforce becoming a permanent choice for many organizations, Citrix Workspace and Gateway solutions enable remote employees to access resources from anywhere. 

With the recent increase in cyber-attacks that involve the use of weak / compromised credentials, it is critical for organizations to secure their environment and resources with a zero trust framework in mind. A core part of zero trust is to ensure strong authentication with adaptive MFA to verify users explicitly. Learn how adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) from Entrust can help you provide secure access for your users.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

• The advantages of using a Citrix environment like Workspace and Gateway to support remote and hybrid employees

• The importance of using adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA)

• How you can secure access for your users with a cloud based Identity and access Management platform (IAM) from Entrust

• How the integration between Entrust and Citrix can help secure access to your Citrix environment

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(Endusers only. Citrix and partner employees are not eligible for prizes.)

Presented by CUGC, Citrix and Entrust, this webinar is free for all attendees.


  • Rohan Ramesh


    Director, Product Marketing

  • Daniel Vaz


    Senior Manager, Product Development

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