Active Directory Mastersclass by Carl Webster, Webinar for all APAC Chapters

Aug 23, 4:00 – 7:30 AM

CUGC and Craig Stones, CTP and Melbourne Leader, convinced Webster to come out of retirement for one more AD Masterclass for his friends in APAC!

About this event

"Lessons Learned from 23 Years of Active Directory Work" - Carl Webster, CTP Fellow

Over his 23+ years of working with Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Webster has learned lots of lessons.

This masterclass teaches you all of Webster's major findings when performing AD health checks, remediations, and migrations.

In 2 hours, Webster will show you how to use all the scripts and documents he personally uses when creating his AD Assessment Report for paying customers.

This is Carl’s Final Webinar as we have got him out of retirement for one last gig!

Don’t miss out as you won't get this fantastic documents and scripts ever again.


  • Carl Webster

    CTP Fellow


  • Craig Stones

    Citrix Technology Professional


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